Foxtech Robot x Amazon Cloud Technology: 3D Digitalization Empowers Enterprises’Global Marketing and Promotes New market

At present, more and more Chinese companies are developing overseas. According to Amazon data, in the past three years, the number of brand sellers from China on Amazon has nearly tripled. More domestic companies hope to enhance their brand power and achieve long-term development by going overseas.

When Chinese companies want to go abroad, a big problem they face is how to shape brand recognition in the global market and carry out localized marketing.

At present, more and more Chinese companies are developing overseas. According to Amazon data, in the past three years, the number of brand sellers from China on Amazon has nearly tripled. More domestic companies hope to enhance their brand power and achieve long-term development by going overseas.

When Chinese companies want to go abroad, a big problem they face is how to shape brand recognition in the global market and carry out localized marketing.

The essence of online marketing is to deliver limited information to customers as efficiently as possible within a limited time, and even interact and exchange information with customers.

The current mainstream carrier channels, pictures and videos, are presented to customers in a more concise and intuitive way based on text. Foxtech Robot's main focus is corporate 3D marketing, which uses 3D display or interaction as a new carrier channel to help companies better build their brands and improve marketing performance.

Digital reconstruction of the traditional "people and goods yard"

In view of the marketing service scenario dominated by 3D technology, Jianmu Yidan digitally reconstructs the traditional "people and goods yard" to achieve more interactive and personalized display and social communication, serve all walks of life, and improve marketing effects.

In the traditional sense, the shopping mall refers to store clerks and consumers, products, and sales venues respectively. It mainly serves offline or connects online IoT information.

In the 3D marketing scenario, the concept of people and goods is redefined. "Human" refers to digital human avatar technology, which enables social communication through digital human images, breaking the one-way communication of previous online marketing and possessing social attributes. "Goods" are 3D digital reconstructions of ordinary items, which allows business owners to better display and promote their products. "Field" 3Dizes offline physical scenes or virtual scenes to create a more realistic and three-dimensional display effect and enhance customers' sense of immersion and experience.

Foxtech Robot provides enterprise 3D marketing solutions, covering from upstream 3D data collection to services, data processing, and downstream data applications, including:

● Multiple 3D scanners, capable of rapid modeling, suitable for large-volume, high-speed 3D digital reconstruction of goods;

● Provide 3D modeling services, including model processing and manual modeling services, and have in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign service providers;

● Provide an immersive 3D marketing service platform based on scenarios and digital people;

● The 3D model service platform aggregates a large amount of model content for secondary commercialization and interactive marketing promotion.

● Provide customized 3D scene design services to serve the needs of different customers such as digital twins and virtual simulations.

Digital solutions covering the entire industry

Foxtech Robot's 3D digital solutions meet the needs of different industries and customers through product 3D modeling, immersive experience, customization and scene-based display, and improve user experience, sales efficiency and brand promotion effects.

Smart store system

Foxtech Robot's 3D digital solution allows customers to display products more intuitively, allowing each store to improve introduction efficiency. Even when customers are unable to provide services in the store shopping guide, they can also experience the corresponding products on the offline large screen. On the one hand, it can help customers understand the core selling points of the product more intuitively and conveniently. On the other hand, it can also facilitate store shopping guides to explain to users and improve explanation efficiency.

Immersive car showroom

The 3D digital system is also suitable for car showrooms. Its core is based on 3D scenes and 3D car models. After the product is modeled, optional parts can be selected and replaced online. At the same time, various colors or selling points can be used. You can also use online interactive interactions to allow users to have more detailed or interactive experiences. And once user interaction is added, it actually becomes an ad.

Online customized solutions

Provide online selection solutions for B-end customers. On the one hand, configurations and accessories are displayed in 3D form, allowing customers to have a deeper understanding of product details during the interaction. At the same time, after placing an order, customers can directly connect with the CRM system and ERP system to improve production efficiency and reduce stocking inventory. Combined with the inventory statistics analysis system, it is used to record the optional quantity and frequency of each accessory. In combination, it can improve production efficiency and inventory reduction.

For C-end users, we can provide exclusive customized solutions for C-end customers, such as shoes, hats, bags, etc. These are standard products, but on this basis, we can provide customers with shoe fittings, diamond ring DIY, and furniture customization. etc. plans.

Display marketing on the enterprise side

We are also oriented to the enterprise side, such as online scene-based display and marketing of enterprises, such as investment promotion and strength promotion. We have also added the function of the negotiation room. Enterprises and customers can use the functions of the negotiation room, such as audio and video calls, and even large-screen sharing, to conduct real online 3D immersive meetings and conduct in-depth communication. Basically, it restores the process of leading customers to visit the company's introduction exhibition hall and in-depth negotiation offline.

Online exhibition + online event

Foxtech Robot provides navigation systems, exhibition halls and event solutions for online exhibitions, including press conferences and live broadcasts.

For example, for cultural museums and art, BrickYidan provides cultural relic modeling and scene-based display, including museum display, cultural relics display and online activities, which facilitates the external dissemination of cultural museums and art works.

For users who want to purchase and place orders at the exhibition, the combination of three-dimensional scenes and digital people can restore the user's offline exhibition experience to the greatest extent.

JMMETA Service Framework: Helping enterprises realize services at low cost

The key to Foxtech Robot's ability to help enterprises quickly build digital solutions at low cost lies in a complete set of JMMETA service frameworks, including low-threshold scene production tools, lightweight rendering engines, digital human engines, and business management systems.

Among them, the scene creation tool can help us quickly build the scene we want. The front-end lightweight rendering engine can seamlessly connect to web applets and various client channels. After a build is completed, each channel can be accessed and connected. The digital human engine is mainly responsible for multi-modal driving and interaction. Finally, for different usage scenarios, the JMMETA platform's online business management system's scenario activity management, user rights management, real-time data dashboard and other capabilities can serve various scenario forms.

Of course, Foxtech Robot's various services are supported by the base provided by Amazon Cloud Technology. We use Amazon's core cloud computing services, including database cloud storage, security protection, and various microservice systems, such as audio and video services, GPS, and various text and voice services, to support our various online services ability.

Amazon provides very stable and strong service support. As a leading domestic full-stack 3D digital solution provider, Foxtech Robot has previously passed the FTR technology certification of Amazon Cloud Service AWS (Amazon Web Service) and officially became an AWS technology The partners have proven the outstanding product strength and innovation power of Yidu, and also provided key digital technical support for thousands of industries to take the step of "going global".

In the future, Foxtech Robot will carry out in-depth cooperation with AWS China in terms of enterprise 3D marketing and 3D digital services, and jointly assist Chinese enterprises and institutions in their digital transformation and smooth overseas expansion.

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