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Unlock unparalleled communication capabilities with the VDC Pro MESH Networking wireless transmission system, a MESH networking module designed for mid to long-range video, data, and RC transmission needs in complex scenarios. Available in three versions—1 km, 2 km, and 4 km.

The VDC PRO MESH Networking version module supports frequency hopping in the 1420-1530 MHz range utilizing Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology. Within the 110M operating frequency band, the module automatically avoids interference, ensuring reliable and efficient communication.

In a mesh network, data can travel along multiple paths. If one node fails, the network can automatically reroute the data along a different path, improving the system's fault tolerance and reliability.

Mesh networks allow for a longer total range by passing data from node to node. This is particularly useful in large-scale applications, like agricultural monitoring, smart cities, and military reconnaissance.

For secure data transmission, the system employs advanced encryption standards like AES, as well as other encryption methods like SNOW and ZUC to ensure the highest level of security.

The "Go Silent In The Air" function ensures minimal interference to ground-based equipment while navigating through sensitive areas, making it ideal for operating in electromagnetic environments. This function guarantees optimal performance in every mission.

VDC Pro MESH Networking version features two Ethernet interfaces, two 232 interfaces, two TTL interfaces, and two SBus interfaces, significantly expanding its usability and extending the RC control range.



MESH Networking
1-4 KM Video/Data/RC
1420-1530 MHz Frequency Hopping (OFDM)
AES/SNOW/ZUC Secure Data Transmission

Your Purchase Includes:

1x VDC Pro MESH Networking Version (1km/2km/4km)
1x Integrated Cable With J30 Connector
1x Ethernet Cable
3x Antenna Connector
1x RS232-USB Converter
1x TTL-USB Converter
2x Ground Unit Antenna

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