Slam100: See Beyond the Horizon with Handheld Lidar Laser Scanner Innovation"

Slam100: See Beyond the Horizon with Handheld Lidar Laser Scanner Innovation"



slam 100 Handheld lidar laser Scanner

slam 100 Handheld lidar laser Scanner

Multiple scenarios scaning sffect demonstration

Product Introduction

SLAM100 adopts a 360° rotating head which can form a 270°x 360° point cloud coverage, and three 5MP optical cameras to produce panorama and help color the point cloud data.  

Rea-time 3D mapping can be displayed with SLAM GO APP on the phone, and the PC software SLAM GO POST Pro also provides more functions.

Slam 100 has  three modes:

S-PACK100 Mode:

The S-PACK100 Mode offers high-speed scanning capabilities, allowing for quick data acquisition and processing. It is equipped with a powerful laser scanner that can capture up to 100,000 points per second, 

ensuring detailed and precise mapping results.

RTK Mode:

The RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) mode of the Slam100 Handheld Lidar Laser Scanner is a feature that enables high-precision positioning and mapping in real-time. By utilizing a combination of GPS (Global 

Positioning System) and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology, the RTK mode provides centimeter-level accuracy for the scanner's measurements. 

 Handheld Mode:

The handheld mode can provide great convenience for us to use Slam100 Handheld Lidar Laser Scanner, and can be widely used in our daily life. We also provide Multi-Function Protable RTK Module LiDAR 

Backpack, this will greatly facilitate us to use Slam100 Handheld Lidar Laser Scanner.

Multiple Scenarios Scaning

The Slam100 Lidar Laser Scanner is a revolutionary technology that has found its application in city architecture. With its advanced capabilities, this laser scanner has transformed the way architects and urban planners approach the design and development of cities.

One of the key advantages of the Slam100 Lidar Laser Scanner is its ability to capture highly accurate and detailed 3D data of the urban environment. This data includes information about buildings, streets, parks, and other architectural elements, allowing architects to have a comprehensive understanding of the existing cityscape. This information is crucial in the initial stages of city planning, as it helps architects identify potential challenges and opportunities for development.

When it comes to bridge design, precise measurements are of utmost importance. The Slam100 Lidar laser scanner offers a high level of accuracy, allowing for the precise capture of bridge dimensions, angles, and even minute details. This data can then be used to create accurate 3D models of the bridge, aiding in the design process.

One of the key advantages of the Slam100 Lidar laser scanner is its ability to capture data in real-time. This means that engineers and designers can instantly view and analyze the scanned information, making it easier to identify any potential issues or areas that require further attention. This real-time feedback allows for quick adjustments and modifications to the design, resulting in more efficient and effective bridge structures.

Additionally, the Slam100 Lidar laser scanner is equipped with advanced software that can process and analyze the captured data. This software can generate detailed reports, visualizations, and simulations, providing engineers with valuable insights into the structural integrity and performance of the bridge. This information can be used to optimize the design, ensuring that the bridge meets all safety and performance requirements.

In conclusion, the Slam100 Lidar laser scanner is a game-changer in the field of bridge design scanning. Its high level of accuracy, real-time data capture, and advanced software capabilities make it an invaluable tool for engineers and designers. By utilizing this technology, bridge design can be optimized, resulting in safer and more efficient structures. 

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