Slam100-Lidar Laser Scanner

Slam100| Indoor and Outdoor Point Cloud Results Display

SLAM100 adopts a 360° rotating head which can form a 270°x 360° point cloud coverage, and three 5MP optical cameras to produce panorama and help color the point cloud data.  

Slam100| Indoor and Outdoor Point Cloud Results Display
Slam100 Lidar Laser Scanner

Handheld Lidar laser scanners are advanced measurement tools widely used in the construction industry. They utilize laser technology

and Lidar principles to quickly and accurately obtain three-dimensional data of buildings, providing important support for architectural design, 

construction, and maintenance.

Handheld Lidar laser scanners can be used for building modeling and design 

Handheld Lidar laser scanners can be used for building modeling and design. By scanning the external and internal structures of buildings, 

they can generate high-precision three-dimensional models, including the shape, size, and details of the buildings. This provides architects 

and designers with accurate references, helping them better plan and design architectural projects.

Handheld Lidar laser scanners also play an important role in the construction process

They can be used to measure various parts of buildings, ensuring the accuracy and quality of construction. Construction workers can accurately position 

and install building materials based on the data provided by the scanner, avoiding errors and waste. Additionally, the scanner can be used to monitor 

construction progress and quality, promptly identify and resolve issues, and improve construction efficiency.

Handheld Lidar laser scanners are widely used in building maintenance and management

They can be used to detect the structural and equipment health of buildings, promptly identifying potential problems and defects. Through regular scanning and monitoring, 

damage can be prevented and repaired in advance, extending the lifespan of buildings. Additionally, the scanner can be used for safety assessment and improvement 

of buildings, helping to enhance their safety and reliability.

Handheld Lidar laser scanners have a wide range of applications in the construction industry

They provide high-precision building data, offering accurate references and support for architectural design, construction, and maintenance. 

By using manual radar laser scanners, the construction industry can achieve more efficient, precise, and reliable work, 

promoting the development and progress of the industry.

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