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Product Introduction:

V10 is a heavy-duty vertical take-off and landing UAV system, Using universal intelligent power batteries

 and high-end load equipment. It can be equipped with a visible light aerial survey module, visible light tilt module, 

visible light video module, thermal infrared camera module, thermal infrared video module, multispectral module, 

hyperspectral module, lidar module, synthetic aperture radar module, and some combination modules.


It is equipped with a high-precision differential GNSS board, standard network RTK/PPK, and its fusion solution 

service supports high-precision POS-assisted aerial triangulation.

 It has the ability of 1:500 large-scale mapping without control points and realizes the application of image control free.

Product Features:

-Multiple Sensors Redundant Fusion System

-Support Network RTK & PPK Calculation

-Long Endurance Time &Distributed Power Management

- High-Efficiency Aerodynamic & Structural Design

-Multi-load Module Interchangeable Design

Product Details:

 Multiple Sensors Redundant Fusion System

The redundant design of 2-channel optical ranging radar and 1-channel millimeter-wave ranging radar makes 

it possible to obtain centimeter-level true height data during the whole process of UAV take-off and landing in 

the event of any 1-channel height measurement failure, achieving safe, stable, Reliable takeoff and landing. 

Support Network RTK & PPK Calculation 

It is equipped with a highly available and reliable network RTK/PPK and its integrated solution service is as

standard and adopts an Internet operation mode that can be used on demand to reduce the workload in the field.

Long Endurance Time &Distributed Power Management

V10 adopts an advanced distributed power management system and battery health monitoring system, 

and the battery can Combine them to improve endurance and ensure flight stability. The load is designed

to be lightweight, ensuring the V10's ultra-long battery life of up to 240 minutes.

High-Efficiency Aerodynamic & Structural Design

The V10 adopts a small-angle swept wing and is equipped with a high-efficiency power system to ensure

the most efficient operation of the aerodynamic and power systems.

Multi-load Module Interchangeable Design

Multiple load modules of V10 are interchangeable to meet various application scenarios,

Significantly increase the value of product reuse.

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