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  • How to Play the "Waterfront Night Economy"? Play Three Unique Trump Cards, and There is a Lot to Do!
    How to Play the "Waterfront Night Economy"? Play Three Unique Trump Cards, and There is a Lot to Do!
    With the acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of people's living standards, the night economy has become an important part of urban economic growth. The "2022 China City Night Economy Impact Report" was released on August 5 last year. The "Report" stated that the night economy has become an emerging space-time field for the transformation of Chinese urban functions, and a "golden key" to stimulate consumption and boost the economy. In the future, the development of the night economy will usher in a "new five years" full of opportunities. Third- and fourth-tier cities will become the main force in the growth of the night economy. Going to the countryside to "build clusters" and "enter the circle" is a new step in the development of the urban night economy. According to the trend, China’s world-class night economy opportunities are coming. To enable the night economy to flourish, it is necessary to play three distinctive trump cards: technology, culture, and brand.
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