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  • Quality Foxtechrobot D500 Quadcopter for Mapping and Inspection Manufacturer | FOXTECHROBOT
    Quality Foxtechrobot D500 Quadcopter for Mapping and Inspection Manufacturer | FOXTECHROBOT
    Pilot new products:The whole machine adopts high-strength T700 carbon fiber integrated streamlined design, and the body and motor adopt self-priming heat dissipation structure.Integrating high-precision differential GNSS boards, TOF sensors, millimeter-wave radars, and visual perception systems, the core sensors are all redundantly backed up, making industry applications easier.Utomatic Obstacle Avoidance:Using FPV monocular depth technology + millimeter wave radar technology, it can effectively identify large targets such as buildingsand mountains, It can also identify small targets such as high-voltage lines to ensure the safe flight of drones.Trunk Roaming:Support air relay and ground relay, which can achieve full signal coverage within the target areaIt can meet the needs of operation tasks in medium and long-distance or complex terrain environment.Multiple Load Swap: D500 continues the modular design and is equipped with aerial survey module, tilt module, lasermodule and multi-spectral module, which can meet the traditional aerial survey, real scene 3D andremote sensing monitoring applicationsIn addition, it is equipped with visible light video module.thermal infrared video/remote sensing module, megaphone, lighting , and other application loadswhich can meet the needs of industries such as aerial survey, remote sensing, emergency response, andpower line inspection.
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