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  • Air-ground integrated modeling丨Slam100 assists the digital construction of beautiful rural areas in Southwest China
    Air-ground integrated modeling丨Slam100 assists the digital construction of beautiful rural areas in Southwest China
    The construction of beautiful countryside is one of the important contents of the rural revitalization strategy, an important measure to promote the construction of ecological civilization and an effective way to realize the integrated development of urban and rural areas. The focus of beautiful village construction is rural planning, rural construction, ecological protection, and economic development. Among them, the main task of rural planning is to accurately obtain information on the current situation of villages, and provide data support for village planning and design, engineering quantity calculation, and construction budget. Traditionally, data on the current status of rural areas are obtained mainly through on-site surveys, engineering surveys, etc. These methods are costly and take a long time, and cannot meet the needs of large-scale data collection on rural current status, and the collected data are not intuitive at the same time.With the continuous development of new technologies and new products, although UAV tilt technology can be used to quickly and efficiently obtain rural current data information, single tilt photography technology is still unable to obtain housing occluded area information, and laser scanning must be relied on to make up for point cloud holes. This program takes a village and town in the southwest mountainous area as a pilot and adopts the air-ground integration solution—Pegasus D2000S UAV system equipped with an oblique camera module D-OP3000 combined with SLAM100 handheld lidar scanner to obtain current data information of villages and towns to help the construction of beautiful villages.
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