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  • A New Choice for Inspection of Urban Overhead Transmission Lines——SLAM100 Handheld LiDAR Scanner
    A New Choice for Inspection of Urban Overhead Transmission Lines——SLAM100 Handheld LiDAR Scanner
    With the rapid development of cities, urban power supply systems continue to grow at a relatively rapid rate, and the mileage of overhead transmission lines continues to increase, posing greater challenges to line operation and maintenance. Traditional manual inspections mainly rely on manual on-site inspections, with heavy tasks and low efficiency. Especially in urban areas with complex scenes, the efficiency and accuracy are not ideal. UAV airborne LiDAR inspection is very mature for transmission line inspection. Through the integrated process of on-site line inspection, data processing and analysis, rapid identification of line defects can be realized.However, there are large environmental differences between urban areas and areas such as mountains and hills. Urban areas are densely populated with people and buildings, and transmission lines and surrounding landforms form a complex interlaced situation, which poses a serious threat to the flight safety of drones. For the inspection of power transmission lines in urban areas, the mobile lidar backpack platform S-PACK100 combined with SLAM100 can adapt to the intricate work scenes in urban areas. Collectors carry S-PACK100 on their backs and walk along the line at a normal pace to realize digital scanning of transmission lines at close range.
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