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  • How SLAM100 Solves the Problem of Calculating the Surface Area of Irregular Objects
    How SLAM100 Solves the Problem of Calculating the Surface Area of Irregular Objects
    Plastic rockery has been widely used in garden landscaping art. Its phantom can be seen in theme parks, scenic spots, amusement parks, eco-tourism areas, etc., which shows its status in the current garden landscape. The plastic stone rockery has a peculiar shape and a beautiful shape, but such characteristics make its appearance uneven and extremely irregular, which makes it difficult for engineers and technicians to calculate its surface area. The commonly used formula calculation method, posting calculation method and barbed wire usage calculation method in the industry estimate its surface area. It is conceivable that the accuracy of the calculation results will be greatly reduced.
  • Large Storage Tank Volume Calculation - Slam100
    Large Storage Tank Volume Calculation - Slam100
    With the rapid development of the national economy, the number of storage tanks continues to increase, and has become a major basic key equipment for oil and gas resources and chemical material storage. At the same time, storage tanks are also developing towards larger sizes, which puts forward higher requirements for tank volume measurement in storage and transportation projects. At present, commonly used measurement methods at home and abroad include the girth method, the optical reference line method, the optical measurement method with guide rails, and the three-dimensional laser scanning measurement method. Station scanner, this kind of instrument has the advantages of high precision, high density, and long distance measurement, but it also has problems such as low efficiency, frequent station changes, and large amount of splicing in the office.
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